Action Schools! BC

Providing MORE learning opportunities for MORE children to make healthy choices MORE often!

Action Schools! BC is a provincial physical activity and healthy eating program, free for all BC elementary (K-7) schools. The program has been updated in 2016 to reflect:

  • The new BC curriculum
  • Stronger links to comprehensive school health
  • The increasing interest in mental well-being, and
  • First Peoples Principles of Learning

It also provides more support for your school.

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Looking for Classroom Resources?

Wondering how to bring the new BC Physical and Health Education curriculum to life at your school? You have come to the right place. Use our easy-to-navigate resource area to quickly find and download.

Popular Items:

  • New instructional examples that bring the curriculum to life and incorporate mental well-being and First Peoples' Principles of Learning
  • Updated Action Schools! BC physical activity and healthy eating activities and resources
  • Strategies for increasing inclusion and accessibility for all
  • Posters, playground circuits, and more

What's Happening at Action Schools! BC?

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Being healthy means being active, making healthy food choices, and having positive mental well-being.