Our History

Created in 2003, the Action Schools! BC  program was originally developed in response to concerns about childhood physical inactivity and the escalating levels of childhood obesity. With an initial focus on physical activity, the program used best-practice approaches and was designed to assist elementary schools in creating individualized action plans to promote healthy living. The program was later expanded to include healthy eating and the age ranges was expanded to include middle schools.

Over its lifespan, Action Schools! BC has provided professional development to thousands of BC educators. It has supported schools across BC in increasing physical activity levels, implementing the Daily Physical Activity policy, and in improving healthy eating knowledge and the food environment in schools.

In 2016, a major review of the program was undertaken by a panel of independent experts. As a result the program has been revised and updated to reflect the new BC education curriculum and developments in both education and health promotion.  Learn more about the updated Action Schools! BC program.