Action Planning

Developing an action plan helps a school come together to recognize what they are already doing well, and identify areas they want to work on.

It also plays an important role in Action Schools! BC. Your school’s action plan  helps you and your Regional Development Coordinator(RDC) match your elementary school with the Action Schools! BC, community and other resources that can support your school in achieving its goals including:

  • Action Schools! BC healthy eating and/or physical activity workshops;
  • Hands-on physical literacy and/or food literacy mentoring for classroom educators;
  • Customized equipment;
  • Downloadable resources including instructional examples and activities, both aligned with the new BC curriculum; and
  • Connections with other organizations and resources in your community.

Need help in getting started? Your Regional Development Coordinator can help your school develop its action plan. Contact them now – it’s a great way to get to know them, learn more about Action Schools! BC – and build a plan for healthier future for your whole school.

Download the Action Planning Guide (PDF) »
Download the Action Planning Template (PDF) »